We are building a global platform of digital art CIFRA where every artist can:
“When I learned the concept of CIFRA I thought 'That's the Spotify of digital art'. And I'm convinced it may change the industry for good.”

Hans Knoll, gallerist

CIFRA is an open streaming platform of digital art, with the goal of making digital art valuable to a wide audience

We are planning to launch many features such as a marketplace, accessible educational content and data analytics for effective investment
Any artist may create a profile with their artworks on the platform. Each work is viewed by one of the curators and may be featured on their playlists. Visitors get access to the platform after subscribing
We want artists to profit even without selling their works. After the first round of attracting subscribers to the platform, artists will get royalties for views of their artworks
We are going to preview CIFRA in summer 2022
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